Time Travels

The fast life we had have led is childhood, Something seldom in this world is childhood.

We grow old too fast that we never realize time. Today, I’m 21 and I have the capability to visualize things. Time had taught me way too much. I wonder, Am I too young for this or I have grown up so fast that I don’t have time even for my own self. May be its a matter of puberty or may be time had have overturn everything so deep-down-under that If we sink in, it might not let us to touch the bottom.
 I want to capture that time, I know this is childish but I wanna be a child again, want to hold-on my childhood for once.  Love it, Live it & Cherish it forever. This sounds unreasonable but that life span is inestimable.
I never want to wait for too long because time will never be just Right!
Unfortunately, Time is a great teacher because I believe it is the only coin we have and only we can determine how it will be spent- If we use it we get back more & If we don’t nothing changes rather everything immerse. 
 But still somewhere I believe, 
“Time Has A Wonderful Way Of Showing Us What Really Matters”
– Al Husna Parveen



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