Winter Breeze

When the cold wind blow,
Mountains are covered with snow,
Trees scatter and Memories begin to shatter,
Sun play hide n seek behind the the clouds,
Fog falls and humming birds are heard behind the walls.

Life goes on, People Change, Memories fade,
But still she remember the promise they made.
Recalling her memory on every December 31 evening,
She walks down the road where at the corner a lantern goes on n off…
She sits down the boulevard and linger he might come walking in shades of timber.
She loose hope once again but deep inside she always sensed one day she will win.
As the night was about to end, taking a deep breath she decides to go back home.
The cold “WINTER BREEZE” blows, her long black hair flows like the waves of the sea shore.
-Al Husna Parveen


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