Survive & Realize

We were kids yesterday,
Into youth today,
We’ll be old tomorrow.
Time flies within a wink of an eye,
Hands which used to hold toys are holding books today & responsibilities are knotted with hooks,
Tomorrow there will be a little angle lying in our hands bringing some joys & hopes very high.
Thinking about the time we used to play in the backyard,
Recalls cry of laughter when we jumped for the recess bell and party hard.
Thoughts, Reasons, People Change
Love, Seasons and Memories are always the same.
Learning from Yesterday, Living in Today and Excepting from Tomorrow
is our habit.
But still we keep collecting pieces of our memories & wait for an authentic reason to live.
Staying strong is tended to be well-materialize,
Though this is the only way if we want to “survive & realize”.

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