20 Facts About Me

After seeing everywhere on internet I was thinking I have no one who would nominate me for this challenge. Finally my bestie showed up and asked to bring out my self too.. So here I go… #20FactsAboutMe

1. I have a sensitive heart ☺️

2. I talk less 🙊

3. Rain☔️☁️ winters ❄️⛄️ are love.

4. Family ❤️

5. Want to migrate to where I belong.

6. I also want to travel the world 🌍🌎🌏

7. Hoping to see my self as a successful lady in future.

8. I don’t trust people •sorry•

9. Lazy bachpan se; sleep 😴


11. Victoria Beckham 💃 style

12. I want to have tattoo on my wrist side and shoulder. 😋

13. I like fancy clothes n makeup💅

14. Wish to go for scuba diving and hiking. Also wish to travel somewhere through ship. Oneday!

15. Game of Thrones. All time addict.

16. I don’t know what my blood type is. LOL 😂

17. Colours 18. I don’t fight unless I’m forced to.

19. I can read other person’s mind. “I hate that” but it’s natural. 😁

20. I want people to remember me when I’ll be gone forever…


5 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. I love 20 facts post. Sadly nobody ever nominated for that haha. Guess what, I have no idea what’s my blood type, too. But jab koi poochay tou sharmindagi hoti hay ke nahi pata :/

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