2015 and My Thoughts

The clock goes tick-tock, I hate myself for sticking at the same place for past few years.
I know that I should not hold on, So why can’t let go. May be its too hard for me to figure out things so far. Since, I promised my self to stay strong and positive no matter if its a hurricane.
I used to cry, I used to worry (I still do when I am alone) How could life be so kind but still cruel?
I have been broken from the scars that I forgave and I spent a long time running from the mess that life has made. Now my heart’s wide open and I am the reason why.
Through the smoke, I see my self burning like a ray of hope. I found the fire now ashes glow and I come alive. And now that I am awake, I am not afraid because I found strength in my self and I am going to build an empire. Stone by stone I will build a tower of successful life. A place where grief will not exist. I am talking from experiences but in pretty much ways I also found magnificences. It’s a feeling I appreciate, Which makes it easier for me to do the hard work. When I am loosing all my energy, my work is like my only working remedy. 99% percent of my hard work is good for me.
No, I am not running away anymore. A little more power it will take or may be more than I could even imagine. When I am going out of my mind I can stand upon my empire and figure out how strong I am. This time I don’t want to be proved wrong. I am not going to lie to my self, I know it will be worth it in the long run.

I hear the drums rolling and cannons blowing… Here I come.


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