Book Review – And the Mountains Echoed

Book Started on 07 January 2016 – End: 29-March 2016

Khaled Hosseini – Oh god, what to say. I am still finding proper words to write in this review. This is my first review to any books I have read till now and And I can not wait to put my hands on the rest of his novels. (yeah, that’s true I haven’t read ATSS and TKR yet).

I agree Khaled Hosseini is an amazingly excellent storyteller who actually bound you to live in his characters and the environment he describes so nicely which makes you imagine all those places giving you the feeling that you are living the moment right now. He know’s how to capture your emotions from the very first page till the end. Though I found it a bit complex in the beginning as Khaled Hosseini loves to roam in between present-past-present which also made me go back to the first page twice starting it all over again to understand why is he leading in that direction. Such brilliant writing.

My eyes poured and my heart sunk when I read about Mr. Markos Varvaris calling Pari and telling her about the letter which Nabi left after his death, the entire plot of description is heart-wrecking.
I wanted to read more about Pari and Abdullah as they are the only overwhelming characters of the novel and I love where Pari narrates:

“When I was a little girl, my father and I had a nightly ritual. After I’d said my twenty-one Bismillahs and he had tucked me into bed, he would sit at my side and pluck bad dreams from my head with his thumb and forefinger. His fingers would hop from my forehead to my temples, patiently searching behind my ears, at the back of my head, and he’d make a pop sound—like a bottle being uncorked—with each nightmare he purged from my brain. He stashed the dreams, one by one, into an invisible sack in his lap and pulled the drawstring tightly. He would then scour the air, looking for happy dreams to replace the ones he had sequestered away. I watched as he cocked his head slightly and frowned, his eyes roaming side to side, like he was straining to hear distant music. I held my breath, waiting for the moment when my father’s face unfurled into a smile, when he sang, Ah, here is one, when he cupped his hands, let the dream land in his palms like a petal slowly twirling down from a tree. Gently, then, so very gently—my father said all good things in life were fragile and easily lost—he would raise his hands to my face, rub his palms against my brow and happiness into my head.”

The ending is amazing. A beautifully moving book which gives you tears and smiles and possibility to live in those characters on many occasions. It’s about the love bond between siblings filling empty spaces by multi-generations tale going from Kabul to California to Paris and Greece. The love for family lives forever and it’s the core strength to never loose your hopes and no matter from which part of the world you are, Love Humanity.

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One thought on “Book Review – And the Mountains Echoed

  1. When you read the other two of his novels, you are going to forget this one!
    It is definitely a good book, though I feel it was extended much,
    If it happened to be available in an abridged form, it’d leave an even more profound impact.

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