Adventurous! Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thickburger

Thanks to FoodPanda for always being so awesome in the matter of food. This time its #PhillyMeetsFoodPanda

A new addition to Hardee’s menu for FoodPanda’s customers…


A deal high as dope for beef lovers in Lahore and Islamabad worth PKR 890/-. Having 1 Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thick Burger, 1 pack of fries and 1 drink.

O! LA! LA! That’s tempting. Everybody loves Food and when it comes to a “Complimentary Meal” I bet nobody can say No! Saying ‘No’ to complimentary meal? Man, I must tell you that you’re missing the best opportunity on the planet…

Let me tell you that I am not a dining out person and heavenly I got to try this thrilling offer from the comfort of my home via FoodPanda and I am about to share my adventure with you guys!

Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thick Burger

Considering my diet nowadays – At first I couldn’t stop myself from taking the aroma into my senses. I do not dislike beef but this was one of the best beef burger I have ever had. I had no regret to eat it full and left dizzy counting all the sheep and they were counting on me to fall asleep. LOL

A burger weighing 2 kgs reminded me of the “Sunny Deol’s” famous dialogue


I was already up on the cloud 9 riding my unicorn after the first bite. A very well cooked juicy beef minced patty and yet you can still eat the beef threads below the melting cheese. Chunks of every ingredient in every bite made me feel delighted to my appetite.

It’s a whole new kind of “CHAPPAL KEBAB” layered inside a as soft as cloud playdough bun loaded with perfect American Golden Yellow Cheese and Mayo!

You must be wondering that why am I in the world relating this beef patty to a ‘Chappal Kebab’ !! Have you ever felt a chunk of onion coming out of your patty while you are chewing and grinding your bite so tastily? Yes! I did. Just loved that.

Parts I missed:

Jalapeños, Yes! My taste buds craved for those sweet & sour cucumber slices, those could shoot all the adventure to a whole new level.

Words may not describe the adventure I had with “PHILLY CHEESE STEAK ANGUS THICK BURGER” until you put your hands on it on your own.

Order online via Food Panda to tantalize your taste buds! This deal is for Lahore & Islamabad only.

Online Payment is NOT available on Hardee’s yet!

CAUTION: This PHILLY CHEESE STEAK ANGUS THICK BURGER is high as dope! Eat at your own risk. If fell asleep, tell mama to wrap your blanket around you, ps don’t forget to turn of the light and close the door when you leave.

Happy Adventure!



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