Beauty Hooked Presenting You The Miracle Transformation Master Class by Amina Raja

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The beauty industry in Pakistan is disrupting as we speak. For the first time in Pakistan beauty experts are expanding their vision by bringing international trends in beauty marketing to Pakistan, spreading their beauty and product expertise, and investing in bringing on board professional organizers to change the way they spread beauty and their brands to users.

The “Miracle Transformations” Master Class conducted by one of Pakistan’s most well known makeup artists and influencers, Amina Raja in Lahore is a case in point. Amina Raja joined hands with Sahr Said, CEO of the Beauty Platform, BeautyHooked to envision, choreograph and execute Pakistan’s first ever, large scale, interactive, hands on and glamorous beauty & makeup workshop in Lahore. The vision was to empower women to express their beauty as subtly or dramatically as they wanted, helping them create signature looks, with tested and endorsed beauty products, with no limits to creativity. This concept and execution is sure to change the way, and scale, at which makeup is taught and perceived in Pakistan forever.

The event was a two day Makeup Master Class at Nishat Hotel, Imperial Hall, Lahore, on the 4th- 5th of August, and brought together makeup artists, beauty brands, media channels, beauty bloggers, fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts in a spectacular fashion.

The Master Class powerhouse boasted elite product brand sponsorships by Artdeco Cosmetics, Luscious Cosmetics, and Co-Natural, event decor by the exclusive Shazreh Khalid Events, Digital Media Partnership with Entirely Social and Media Partnership with Transmedia, with event coverage by some of the most prominent TV, print, digital and media channels in the country.

The Miracle Transformations Master Class broke all boundaries in the Beauty Space, and was full of “firsts.” This was:

  • Pakistan’s first beauty workshop to be conducted at this scale. It was professionally organized to bring together learning, glamour, top beauty brands, influencers, socialites, and fasionistas in a seamless fashion.
  • Pakistan’s first privately conducted makeup workshop that was endorsed by top beauty brands including Luscious Cosmetics, Artdeco Cosmetics and Co-Natural. The concept succeeded in creating a unique and new way for beauty product companies to join forces with one of the most sought after beauty product expert & influencer, Amina Raja, to promote their products to a large audience.
  • Pakistan’s first beauty class that showcased the latest in beauty trends and innovations hitting the market in Pakistan.
  • The first time, beauty products were tried and tested and only then presented by the expert, to a “beauty hooked” audience, along with the product selection and application techniques through an interactive makeup training, so that women could learn to use and experience them for themselves.
  • The first time, transparency for the sake of learning was promoted in the industry. Where the industry was once driven by hiding trade secrets, the very exclusive makeup artist Amina Raja shared her secret makeup techniques that she had picked up within the course of her 20 year career.
Amina Raja is one of the leading names in the beauty industry, an exclusive and highly sought after makeup artist and beauty extraordinaire, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Amina pioneered makeup classes in Pakistan, and today her Makeup classes are highly sought after,  catering to the elite, which makes them an envy for most. She has certified 150+ professional makeup artists and 300+ Self-Grooming Makeup Artists, and has herself been trained by the most sought after, elite makeup maestros and product companies from around the globe, making her one of the most experienced makeup artists & trainer to train generations to follow.


Amina Raja on why she conducted the “Miracle Transformations” Masterclass

Although, I was never a part of the workshop but as a blogger I got the privilege to attend this Magical World created by Amina Raja and Beauty Hooked. This miraculous event was attended by the who’s who of the fashion industry, Social Icons, Models, Media and Who Not! Bloggers!! The concept was to change the perspective and visions of makeup as perceived in Pakistan. All set according to the latest trend at the international makeup industry Amina Raja got the super appreciable stamina to go to the each student by herself helped everyone to transform into a Super Gorgeous Looks than before. The Class had more than 100 students each day! WOW! When asked her on why she conducted the “Miracle Transformations” Masterclass, She said:

“I wanted to break boundaries and defy convention by introducing a new concept. My vision was to raise the bar and bring about a change in the way and scale at which makeup is taught and perceived in Pakistan forever. The industry was lacking something different and trailblazing, which is why this workshop was put together. I was inspired by the hundreds of beauty workshops I have attended internationally and felt it was about time that the Pakistani beauty industry also brings fourth an experience that is at par with international standards. Still there is a lot to be done, and we are just getting started.”

Highlight from the Masterclass

BeautyHooked is the brainchild of two founders, Sahr Said, and Sidra Talha. Sahr Said is the CEO of BeautyHooked and an MBA from Cornell University in the U.S. She came back to Pakistan with sahra vision to change the way people experience beauty. She wanted to introduce a new way for Makeup artists and beauty product companies to create opportunities to promote themselves and their brands better. In this digital age where conventional advertising mediums are not very effective, BeautyHooked envisions, creates and organizes new ways to empower beauty entrepreneurs and product companies to grow their businesses, and for consumers to look & feel great. Sahr’s vision comes together through an online platform that services all beauty needs, be it booking a beauty appointment, providing credible salon and product reviews, bringing fourth expert beauty advise or organizing trailblazing beauty events, Beauty Hooked has it all covered.

Sahr Said, CEO, BeautyHooked on why she joined forces with Amina Raja to Organize the “Miracle Transformations” Masterclass:

“BeautyHooked only brings users the best in Beauty. We envision, create and organize new ways to empower beauty entrepreneurs and product companies to grow their business, and consumers to look & feel great. With a focus on the Beauty niche, I try to partner with trailblazing makeup artists and product companies that have a vision to do something that is absolutely extraordinary. Making this vision a reality is my primary goal. Amina Raja is one of the pioneer makeup artists in the country, and one I truly believe has the vision and foresight to raise the bar in the industry for generations to come. We joined hands because I knew together we could create something that would change the way the Beauty Industry operates forever.”

Sneak Peek at the gorgeous Décor by none other the Charmers Shazreh Khalid Events

The Lady of the hour Shazreh Khalid

The Media Partner Transmedia Digital Solutions

A complete Digital Marketing service provider firm. From Social media, to content marketing to online promotion and Public Relations, they offer all that a brand needs to build itself. It was an honor meeting these to gems and Co-Founders of Transmedia Mr.Baber and Mr.Farhan Hafeez

At last, Thank you BeautyHooked and Transmedia for these amazing Goodies

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Disclosure : Goodies are provided by the Brand/PR company however reviews are always honest and never paid for unless specified as sponsored. 

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