Book Review – When I’m Gone – A Novel

This was my first read by Emily Bleeker and let me say that I am truly touched by her words, characters and plot off-course.
Enjoyed it! Took it close to my heart!
Its bondings are so strong that you can not even miss any part of it without feeling it. I really miss what happened to Jessie ? Did she survive or was she buried too and left letters for her father?
But the last pages really brought tears to my eyes and couldn’t stop myself from shedding a few.

I really enjoyed the part where Natalie reminded Luke about “Our Little Secret” …. So much feel.
So touched when Luke realized he could have said that “He couldn’t love anyone the same way he loved her (his wife) instead of He could never love again.”

Annie’s and Luke’s friendship was one of its kind….

a few quotes I Highlighted for myself
“Are you afraid of death, or are you afraid of leaving your family?”
……the above sentence made me shiver.

“You can’t assume everything’s okay inside the house just because the paint isn’t peeling and the yard is neatly mowed.”
……..beautifully described.

“Appearing okay is a lot easier than actually being okay.”
……. OKAY!

“It’s the end that marks a beginning, not the first day.”
……..really understood that never loose hope at the end.

Emily has got the power in her words. Looking forward to put my hands on her Novel Wreckage.


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