Book Review – Are You in the Mood?

Status Read from October 17 to November 10, 2016
Format Paperback

I just developed a hobby for reviewing books and this is my first review filled with disappointments.
At first, other than this book is set in NYC, it has terrible plots and horrendous characters.

How can a mother to a newly born be so disgusting who luckily also has a loving husband who is ready to understand and comfort her on every stupid steps she takes.

This book is set around Camille who is in my sense and opinion a failure in every aspect of life. All her life her lived with a fake name just to seek attention and she’s such a selfish self-centered woman who actually thinks about throwing her baby out of the window just because he was caring to be fed!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN!!!

Camille is holding grudges on her dead father who was also a cheat to both, she and her mother… A man who was stuck in his fantasies and made his daughter drawn in them too…

I just have a thought here “How can you choose a profession or anything which already had torn your family apart…”

Honestly, I thought to give up this read many times but still I am not a quitter and Alas! I made it through this terrible book. Personally, I felt this book is the writer’s (Stephenie Lehman) unfulfilled lust filled with filth that she was never able to make it on big screen or hearts.



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