Book Review – The Problem with Forever

Status Read from Nvmber 22 to December 16 2016
Format Paperback

There is a bit of “Mouse” in all of us.

As Jennifer said: ‘I think all of us, at the end of the day, just want to be real and want to be loved.’
Never read Jennifer before but I did hear a lot about her work, and to be honest this book attracted me by its cover and after finishing it more than a couple of weeks I realised that I did make a right choice.

Mallory (Mouse) Dodge, A little girl cowering in her closet with the fear of getting hurt and forced to remain quiet no matter what happens. A girl who sits in the back of the class like a shadow. Mallory and Rider Stark are childhood sweethearts and He’s promised to be always there for her. Both are stuck in their pasts thinking that their lives will remain same forever until she realised her past is a part of her and it moulded who she is today, and it was not the sum of who she was to become. It did not control her and words weren’t the problem with her. They flew through her head like a flock of birds migrating south for the winter.

Some plots are very unexpressive as when Mallory stay quiet where she actually should speak. Somebody said it right “Silence is the loudest scream” and her scream is only heard by Rider. At some point I got thoughts like There are many kinds of People who can be so brutal while others remain the opposite site of the mirror. Casts and DNA’s doesn’t define a person’s nature.

Sometimes You think nobody loves or care about you? There’s always someone out there who wishes well and loves you unconditionally. Rider is doing the same thing. He’s been so close to Mallory even she is unable to let go of him. You can let go of your past but you can not let go people who have always been nice to you without any mean and If you have lost something precious, God has better plans for you. God has already given you something much more valuable. Consider it and respect at the same time. You can unpack all the emotional baggage from the past, all trauma and fear and let yourself free You just have to do it and you can become anything.

None of your grief or pain is Forever. But Trying is, Living is.
Forever is a simply promise of more…

I’m so in love with this book and I will read it again in a couple of years. I loved the writing, I loved the story, I cared for the characters, and I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a wonderful romance to fall in love with! 🙂
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