Maximus Melody Night

Lahore, January 21st 2017

Maximus Advertisers held an exclusive Melody Night in order to showcase its brand image to the people and discuss various business opportunities with its existing clients as well as targeting new audience at Park Lane Hotel Lahore.

The Event Titled #MaximusMelodyNight featured Nescafe Basement Fame singer Rizwan Anwar and Dhol performance by Kashif Ali.

Rizwan Anwar who made his debut in the musical industry by recreating Azra Jahan’s melodious track ‘Laiyaan Laiyaan’ Cover. Personally, I have been listening to his cover from past 5 years and I never knew that I would get a chance to meet him in-person and praise his outstanding live performance on stage, even days after the marvelous performance I am still unable to get out of all the beats. Rizwan Anwar made every person swing with his melodies tunes by also putting some dancing tracks which forced the audience to leave their seats and show-off some crazy moves.

Maximus Melody Night followed by the dinner with special BBQ items and desserts on top made everyone stick around till the last minute.

About Maximus:

Maximus a 360-degree solution powerhouse is a creative advertising and digital marketing agency based in Lahore. Co-founded by Abrar & Ilyas, a team of professionals came to give a practical shape to the corporate scenario, Maximus is about making two different ends meet – Client and the copy. Acoustic jam happening over copywriting sessions, writing social media updates lengthier than an expression but shorter than a Tweet 😉 Turing people stories into campaigns.

The Event was exclusive and was attended by people from media fraternity including bloggers socialites and friends.

Maximus Advertisers organised the event and Transmedia Digital Solutions did PR.

Event Highlights:

Team Maximus & Transmedia
CEO Maximus Ilyas Hussain & Rizwan Anwar
Mr. Ilyas Hussain with Family
Husna Aftab – Maximus Social Media Head
Messum, Rizwan Anwar & Usman Aftab
Farhan Hafeez
Husna Aftab & Nomita Kiyani
Shayaan Viqar & Farhan Hafeez
Mishell E Hira
Momal & Mahnoor
Bushra, Nomita & Warda
Faizan Ranjha
Jalal & Eesha Omer
Nimrah, Mahnoor & Marium Altaf
Waqas & Nomita
Waqas Khaleeq

The purpose of the event was to showcase Maximus brand image and celebrate an evening full of fun live music and dinner in Lahore’s chill atmosphere with a breathtaking view making people feel warm and enjoy to the fullest.

About Transmedia:

Transmedia is a team of enterprising Public Relations service providers. Their team plans execute and monitor results of social and digital media campaigns and PR events.

For event videos and more pictures, visit our Facebook Page.



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