Book Review – Behind Closed Doors

Status Read from Jan 11 to Jan 20 2017
Format Ebook

“It’s horrendous to be dependent on somebody for the mere basics of life.”

B.A Paris is an exceptional writer, with her perfect writing-skills-twists-and-turns, She can keep a reader glued to her book for hours and sometimes for days by leaving the unforgettable impact on our mind.

Behind Closed doors is a story about a Psychopath man Jack and Grace who marries and allows him to enter her life without any means accepting the fact that he would be the perfect guardian for both, She and her 17-years old sister with Down’s syndrome, Millie.

At First, it really kept me thinking and took me hours to understand Jack’s personality. How can one be so caring and delinquent at the same time! To the society, Why does good-looks and a perfect job defines a person’s personality? Oh, and yes not to forget, people are so clever by their outer looks that nobody cares about to think “How does a clown look under that makeup?”

All my emotions had a roller-coaster ride which triggered my fears to scream and made me feel such an all-consuming, visceral hatred for a character who would go to such trouble to create his “fantasy”, the mindless villainy of him, plus his penchant for showmanship, verges on a caricature.

This book is so captivating, fast-paced and an eye-opener for those who think a perfect “looking” marriage/life, is free from all the obstacles. The ending of this book is absolutely brilliant… the kind of comprehensive which will make you do an evil little smile.

*touchwood* Highly recommended to mystery/thriller lovers.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – Behind Closed Doors

    1. Indeed this is one of the books which is meant to be kept on that self. The ending was so satisfying! I can not forget the story line and the love Grace had for Milli.

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