Khaadi #KhaadiEmporium

Lahore, 24th February 2017

Khaadi, Pakistan’s premium clothing and lifestyle brand for all things fusion-based, opens the doors to its largest store at the Emporium Mall, Lahore-Pakistan.

As summer heats up, our stores are keeping things cool with an array of ice-dyed displays, each individually crafted on-site. “Khaadi concept was so refreshing.” I loved being at the store opening and when I decided to write this blog post in alphabetical order, I figured I’d probably start with an “A.” But I didn’t know I’d start with an A+. Featuring content about Khaadi, is a masterful execution.

Clothes are carefully created toward the audience, very “snackable” with the season. Khaadi also gets an  A+ when it comes to image galleries. Just take a look at the sample below.
Following the Khaadi brand ethos – the new Khaadi store builds upon its cornerstones of art, design and culture. Khaadi is committed to promoting the heritage of the Pakistani people, as well as providing its artisans with the platforms to persevere. A group of exceptionally versatile and highly trained artists has collaborated, in imagination and delivery, to bring you this one of a kind space. A space that reflects the artistic Khaadi sensibility to deliver the ultimate shopping experience to its customers.

The Khaadi Emporium outlet offered an exclusive preview of Khaadi Lawn Volume 1 2017 on Feb 24th – one day before the Collection was available anywhere else nationwide. Moreover, all customers who checked in on Facebook were entitled to a free gift by Khaadi.

About Khaadi:

Khaadi is a multinational Pakistani clothing fashion brand founded in 1998 by Shamoon Sultan. It specializes in “hand-woven” technique products, specially a wide clothing range for women in Prét wear, it also provides unstitched lawn, children’s clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and is scheduled to open a clothing range for men’s wear.

Website | Facebook |  Instagram |  Twitter
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Till next time 🙂 Huss.


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