Book Review – Our Story Ends Here

Our Story Ends HereOur Story Ends Here by Sara Naveed

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I have- Love/Pain relationship with her. Love that caused more pain and Pain that changed me.” – Sara Naveed.

I got a signed copy of this book by the beautiful author Sara Naveed herself on her Book launch at Liberty Books, Mall of Lahore.


Author Sara Naveed and I.

Since then I had an urge to read this novel at my earliest not because I got it complimentary but because of all the hypes and news in my social circle. Trust me, I loved every single moment spent with the novel. The prologue itself is so powerful that you won’t resist a single minute to start reading the story. It was my first time ever that I read a book almost to its half in the first attempt. There’s so much purity in this book which will keep you hooked to read more and more and you are compelled to know what is going to happen next.

Mehar is an army general’s daughter who had lost her only brother in a blast which happened at the main bazaar of Lahore. Despite knowing the fact that she and her family now has to live with this grief for the rest of their lives, one day she decides to go to the Swat valley with her college friends to revisit the place that holds all her childhood memories.
Sarmad is trained as a terrorist to be ruthless, to be fearless and to take away innocent lives. He has caused pain that he can’t undo. For years, he has been living without a heart, without a soul, without even knowing what does a family mean and How love can change your life.

“Life is truly unpredictable.” You never know what a moment holds for you unless you experience it. Same happens with Mehar when she meets an accident during her trip to Swat and falls off of a moving bus and where Sarmad helped her by putting his own life at risk.

“Whenever you feel scared, just close your eyes, take long, deep breath, hold yourself together and pray to god. The fear will subside slowly…” – Sara Naveed.

The way Mehar always chose her clothes to wear with contrasts made me fall for vibrant colors. Every little detail took me so close to the happening. I love how Sarmad cared for her and kept an eye on everything she did. They way both stared at each other without saying a word. I was so chilled at the moments, despite knowing she has fallen for someone who is the reason behind her brother’s death, she’s still on the urge to help him get relief from his misery….

Our Story Ends Here is a beautiful romantic spicy read, unfolding many stories and relations making you fall in love with all. Trust me I am still living in the plots of Swat.

“Personal thought: the way Sarmad dropped his towel – My heart pounded in my throat.”


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