Dear Mama! #ProudToBeMyMum

I know words can never describe the gratitude of a mother. I would still pen down a letter filled Your Beauty and Grace, Generosity and Sacrifices and most importantly the Love you poured in our vines. I hope one day you will find this letter and make you smile.

Mama, I love those times and cherish all the moments I remember from my childhood. When you always dressed me up for school and made my perfect ponytail just like the way I wanted. You bore mine and my three siblings pain to bring us into this world. We may never be able to return you what you did for us but we and I promise to give you all the happiness we could afford. I remember those times when you used to dress up and get ready for an occasion. I always stared at those lips you applied your favorite dark maroon lipstick and me, embraced your beauty by looking at your beautiful face. “Mama, mere hoonth ap k honthoon k jaisy kyun nahi hain?” My question made you blush and I standing at the corner of the mirror I watched your beauty more while you laughed.


Yes, I always wanted to look like her.



She stitched my clothes same as her’s.


Mama, Your charming and pleasing character, your art of avoiding clumsy situations made you even more beautiful from the inside. You are so generous at times that you forget to look after yourself and make sure we sleep peacefully.

Mama, I and my siblings we consider all the sacrifices you have made for us and for the family. We have not forgotten any single moment of what you have had done for us, “Every mother does that” yes, right! And only a mother can do that! But Mama, what you have done for us and for the family is not returnable. I promise you that one day you will be the most fortunate mother of four.

Mama, I want to thank you for everything. Since the day you got to knew you are going to be a parent until my last day, I want to thank you for teaching me the basic ethics of life. How to take care of myself and others, and teaching me how water is important for a living. Thank you for teaching me that there’s no harm in letting go off something which is hurting you the most. Thank you for making a strong woman. Thank you for teaching me that there’s so much to love in this world. Thank you for giving me, my three siblings. Most importantly, I thank you for teaching me the value of life.

Thank you, Mama, for loving me unconditionally and especially when you should have hated me the most. Thank you for pouring love into my vines and teaching me how to value relationships without any concerns. Thank you for being my wellwisher when rest of my world turned against me. Thank you for being my best friend.


Thank you for teaching me the word “MAMA”. I Love You. 

Your’s Chanda.

Thank you Nestlé Pure Life Pakistan for trending #ProudToBeMyMum and making me write about my most precious being in the world, My Mother.


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