Mom, You Need A Break!

Lahore May 22nd 2017:

Sukh Chan Wellness Club is a name synonymous with excellence for its outstanding quality and variety of services. Sukh Chan was established in 2005 and has since then grown considerably in terms of member strength, services, and recognition. The club has also received various accolades for being Pakistan’s Best Health Club. The Sukh Chan Wellness Club was created with the same notion of providing comfort and peace to the residents of Lahore from their stressful and fast lives and provides an educational and recreational platform to the public where an individual can positively change his/her lifestyle. Sukh Chan is equally celebrated for its excellent beauty services provided by Mahrani Beauty Parlour, which opened its doors to Lahore in 2008, and since then, has received raving reviews from beauty critics and clients.

This Mother’s Day, Sukh Chan upheld its commitment to the mothers and homemakers by providing for them an opportunity to come and experience a day full of comfort and relaxation in the peaceful Sukh Chan environment. Mothers from all walks of life were invited by Sukh Chan to come and enjoy the Mahrani Spa and beauty services. These services included manicures, pedicures, head and foot massages, blow-dry and haircuts. In addition, the Sukh Chan café was engaged in providing delicious refreshments to all the attendees. The idea was to celebrate mothers and their infinite contributions in our lives by providing them with an opportunity to spend a day in a comfortable and relaxing space. These mothers included housewives as well as working mothers who spend their day balancing household chores and professional work.

The event was a joyful success for Team Transmedia and Sukh Chan as the attendance of guests exceeded expectation. Other than the moms the event was attended by bloggers and people of media fraternity. It was a delight to see the mothers being excited while enjoying the services and giving excellent reviews of the services.


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