How I Recall My Car Kahani

Going back to the time when I used to listen Atif Aslam’s “Meri Kahani” on repeat just to feel all the indescribable words he has sung.

As strings and chords get strong my memories connected with the time when I used to run in the streets, cycling while my siblings chase me till the next turn was the best time I can remember. As the weekends came close our excitements got high because that’s when Papa used to take us to long drives, parks, beach, zoo, fun city, and Corniche. I remember myself sitting in the back singing all the nursery rhymes I could remember at the top of my lungs. Sitting in the trunk box and waving ‘bye bye’ at the cars was my favourite part of the drive. I used to look at the moon as our car crossed the road and think “why does the moon always chase me?” Seeing my father drive made me more curious about the wheel.

Then came a time when I first stole my father’s car along with my brother Ali. haha! We entered the room as quietly as we could and stole keys without making any noise and left the room like silent mice would do. As I drove I didn’t think of putting the car on the road for once because “Shurta(police)” could see us. After driving for good long 5/10 minutes in the streets of our society we went back to home and there came my actual test, I had to park the car they way I took it out. There, “Bang! it’s a big scratch girl, you need to hide it now, you need to tell the truth or you are the one who won’t be getting any rides next weekend” were the thoughts ran straight into my head. And trust me, know what? I never ever touched my father’s car ever again. I am a good driver now but only on the automatic gear. lol yeah, that’s true.

Still, now I look at the moon and think of what I used to think then. 🙂

Total Parco Pakistan #CarKahani, has given me the chance where I can recall all my amazing and never forgettable childhood memories. Also you can get a chance to meet Atif Aslam and get your story filmed as a part of the campaign. 

Submit your car story here:

Till next time! xx 


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