Book Review – Never A Dream

Status : 25 April 2017 to 14 July 2017
Author : Polina Traore & Dana Kaledin
Format : ePub
Pages : 1030
Rating:  ★★★

This book is a discovery from Instagram and I received an epub version of this book by the authors in exchange for an honest review!

How do I begin? At the beginning, I was so confused that it took me almost 2 months to understand all the relations and characters. For me, Never A Dream clutched grip after almost 300 pages.

The book starts from The Charles Dickens Pub which is always swarming with visitors, with different types of people sitting at the tables. Charles Dickens never stayed empty as the visitors always came back, most of them have met there. Charles Dickens was not just another pub, but also a special place in the Universe, where life itself ties the knots.

This story revolves around 4 messy characters, Rain, who goes to a Pub when she needs a friend. Charlie, the challenging PR manager, committed to a lawyer, who meets the famous Rockstar Matt who is a charm for every girl while he calls them his “kitties”. Charlie is now his band’s manager and ends up falling in love with him. Also, Ed, who is making a club and has seen so much in life. Living with his dog, he’s had his ups and downs in life broke up with his demanding-oh-not-so-caring-long-term-girlfriend and still doesn’t seem to feel quite old enough to settle down yet. There are also other a lot of different characters and every chapter seems to be the beginning of another story which makes you forget about the dream and leads you more towards Matt and Charlie’s story. I personally loved reading about Charlie and Matt. Their romance is what kept me hooked along with the book.

Dealing with daily life struggles all the four characters have their own integrity until Rain buys a mysterious antique cross. The book was not so intriguing for me from the very start, I will give it three stars. There are too many people doing too many different things which distracted me from the main storyline. I suppose that’s just what the authors intended, still, I found it too confusing at times with all the abuses and other not so decent words used by the characters. I feel the abusing part was unusual more than to be expected from a book like this which is a tale of love.

Although I thought to give up on first few chapters, that’s not actually me who gives up on something so easily. So kept reading the book until I came to its crux. Once my brain figured out what’s going on in the book it kept me hooked till the end. I can’t say it was what I expected as I didn’t actually know what to expect from this book but having finished the story I will now say that I am glad to have. 🙂

P.s.: Miss Polina Traore and Dana Kaledin, I’d like to thank you for letting me read your book. It was a nice experience that I hope to repeat. Thank you again!

You can talk to the authors directly at their Instagram


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