Shadows, Lights & Desires

In summers walking in the shade has always given me perfect comfort feeling because that’s where you are hidden from the sharp burning sunlight so you stay hydrated and enjoy the warm shadows. While in winters we opt for the sun to come out if it were more than 3 days so we can warm ourselves with all other living things. We ask for the opposite and think it’s the best way to satisfy the point of being in a situation that has nothing to do but it has the power to make a difference in our desires.

Let yourself out, seek for light even its bright never let yourself down for any reason even if you had a hard fall. Breathe, don’t quit, these trees are standing here for years to warm you; console you, they have seen many like/unlike us and they always stood still bowing their heads to cast the shadows if there’s too much of light keeping the world’s all cruelty aside.


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