Profoundness found in One Man!


Asad Sultan Qureshi talks about his motto of business in an interview.

How did Woodstock start?
I inherited twenty years of my father’s legacy of furniture making. During my college years, I was always very curious about wood work and drawn to it. So after completing my MBA in Marketing and Finance, I decided to join my father in the furniture manufacturing and wholesale business to have an active role in design and operations. In 2008 I decided to start retail as well and that is when our Woodstock factory outlet began.

Describe your usual day at Woodstock.
Normally I start my work at 10:00 AM. After settling down, I start by paying a visit to the factory area where I closely inspect all my carpenters works, answer any queries and point out any problems I find. Then I move on to the cushioning section and the finishing section in the same manner. Similarly I meet with my managers and assistants to talk about finance, marketing, suppliers, etc. I also take time out for our appointment-only client visits so that they have my full attention. For that I like to prepare myself and do any homework before their arrival. Work normally gets wrapped up by evening and I leave my factory outlet at around 07:00 PM.


What is your design philosophy?
We work with straight lines, modern and classical designs with French and Victorian cuts that have intricately carved patterns and mouldings. This concept prevails in most parts of the world and is ageless and a favourite of every one.

Where do you seek your design inspiration from?
I usually find my inspiration from my love of meeting different people and understanding their tastes and needs with regards to furniture. That is how I collectively acquire a more diverse taste and inspiration to turn a log of solid wood into art.

What’s your favourite piece from your collection?
I really cannot pick one. I honestly love every piece of furniture on display at our showroom.

WoodStck Valet Chair105A2084

What do you think is your favourite design shop or boutique?
I really like Ethan Allen and Baker. Their wooden furniture is a beautiful mix of modern design and classics. They produce timeless pieces that are meticulously crafted and fit in your interiors so perfectly.

Can you tell us about your personal style and work style?
I personally am not drawn to classical furniture and prefer modern straight lines and a mix of classical and modern furniture, but in meeting with client demands and my dedication to Woodstock, we often make classical and traditional furniture.

What is more important – the material or the design?
I genuinely believe it is about good team work. Similarly in perfectly crafted furniture, all components like material, design and craftsmanship go side by side. Every step is equally important.

What is most unique about Woodstock?
At Woodstock, we strongly believe customer service is very important and we always focus on providing exceptional service to our clients. We make sure that every detail is taken care of and client wishes are fulfilled. In fact, we are the only company in Pakistan that is offering a buy-back option to customers –now they can exchange previously bought furniture pieces from us for new ones. We are also very focused on providing the finest quality in wood as opposed to companies that shy away from working with solid wood because it is expensive and time-consuming. Lastly, we give our clients the freedom to customize their furniture as they like.

Do you have pieces ready for dispatch or are they made to order?
Almost 70% of our production line is standardized and the remaining 30% customized. Prospective clients can visit us to view our display and select from a wide range of unique pieces readily available. If they have their own ideas and inspirations, they can also bring those to us and have their furniture customized without any complications.


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