Book Review – IT

Status : 05 August 2017 to 05 December 2017
Author : Stephen King
Format : Paperback
Pages : 1376
Rating:  ★★★

IT was my first read by Stephen King. Yeah, that’s right I am always late at picking best options. I won’t say this book was my best read ever but yes, IT will be the most memorable book to me.

The terror awakes every 27 years in a Killer Clown town called Derry, Maine. Bill, Bev, Ben, Richie, Eddie, Stan, and Mike are 7 main characters and with a constant replay and forward of past and present this book talks about terror, emotions, relations, love, hate, and most importantly friendship.

Going back to 30 years and before that and so on, town Derry goes into deep horrific years. A child goes missing every other night and found ripped, dead after few days and some children were never found again. 1958, a stormy afternoon in Derry, Maine. Georgie’s big brother Bill is sick with the flu, so, to keep his little brother entertained, he builds him a paper boat to float down the watery sidewalk. But when Georgie’s boat falls into the sewer, Pennywise, the killer clown living in the sewer, catches it. He taunts Georgie to take it back from him, and when he finally tries, Pennywise reaches out and rips Georgie’s arm off. Georgie attempts to crawl away but is dragged into the sewer by Pennywise, never to be seen again. But because his body isn’t found, it prompts big brother Bill to go looking for him.

After more than a century, these 7 friends are an only powerful circle to get through the clown and make him weak at his strongest, twice. Riding the adventurous rollercoaster at Barrens of Derry and of their emotions they met again after 27 years at their 30’s to finish what they started at the age of 12.

Many chapters had extremely exaggerated details of the wind and the thuds which made me fall asleep. BEEP BEEP Talking about my favorite character, I loved Richie at almost everywhere. He had the perfect charm to make me smile for fear of reading another disgusting murder. The charisma of his character kept their gang more alive.

At one spot I was so terrified where I also had a dream that I am surrounded by flying leeches (as mentioned in the book) in a dungeon place unknown. I took a breath of relief when I found that I was dreaming it all.

My most favorite part is when Bill takes his paralyzed wife on SILVER riding AWAAYYYYY to the downtown, people looking at the old couple and thinking they must have gone mad to die hard is when I realized that “Even a single touch of your loved one can bring you back to life”.

I personally enjoyed and also unenjoyed the book, at the same time I had an urge to finish it and get over with the Clown. My least favorite part was when all 7 of them having sex in the sewer, I’m not a prude but having 12-year-olds do it in the sewer should have a better explanation than to bring them all together and bond them. I don’t see how they had to do at all did King just put that in there to be outrageous because good job it worked. It seemed pointless to me. I wish I could change this part of the book into something more powerful.

I am scratching my head and thinking and I… think that I will definitely put my hands on Stephen King’s books again but on a mystery thriller instead of a horror because this book was my longest read of the year, completed in 04 months and I couldn’t accomplish my Goodreads reading challenge this year because I do not read multiple books at one time and I can not leave a book unfinished. But, nevermind, Its better to do something than to do nothing at all.


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